The Story of SuperNatural

In the beginning…Zeus the Greek God of Awesomeness created 4 really semi-awesome demi-gods, ugh I mean dudes who wanted to make a great product and an awesome experience for the hungry public. Our concept of “Sea to Sandwich” is to make fresh made to order gourmet seafood sandwiches using fresh local ingredients from in and around San Diego. We want aFISHo’Nados to experience a taste of San Diego when biting into one of our creations, to accomplish this we use fresh & local sustainable seafood, cheeses, bread, and greens from local vendors. It took us about a year trying different combinations of proteins, sauces and breads until we found the right “hook”. At the same time we ask ourselves what should we name our little venture? After shooting down the suggestion “Just above average sandwiches”, we came up with the name the Kraken. Kraken because in urban lingo means, “let’s get it started” and is also a play off the pop-culture hit phrase “Release the Kraken!” But if we named ourselves Kraken sandwiches then what would we name the sandwiches themselves? That’s when we decided instead to name ourselves “SuperNatural Sandwiches” and that every sandwich would be named after a supernatural creature because of the mythical flavors we hope to deliver. Sandwiches that are Super in taste, natural in ingredients, and SuperNatural in the taste you would experience!

Are you ready to be an “aFISHo’Nado” yet? Then come down and try our SuperNatural 7 sandwiches along with some recent additions we made to our menu!


  • We put love in everything we do and we hope to share that love with you in our food, attention to detail, and your overall dining experience.
  • Sauces, rubs, and marinades all made from scratch.
  • Hot sandwiches sautéed to order.
  • San Diego’s diverse cultures carefully blended to deliver delicious new spins on familiar flavors.


  • Highlighting Seasonal & Local Ingredients.
  • Organic if possible.
  • Committed to sustainable products.
  • Comes from nature.


  • Hillel the Elder (110 – 10 BCE) is said to wrapped his lamb and bitter herbs in matzah.
  • In the middle ages, thick slabs of coarse and stale bread called “trenchers” were used as plates and were the precursors to modern open faced sandwiches.
  • In the 18th Century, cold bits of meat were placed on bread and named after John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich, an English aristocrat.
  • In 2010 Subway Sandwiches becomes the largest fast food chain on Earth, with 33,749 restaurants worldwide.
  • On October 31st, Halloween 2012 the urban legend of SuperNatural was born, with 4 average fellas out on an epic journey to “Unleash the Kraken!” and create something truly SuperNatural.

Cast of Characters

Tony Nguyen

Tony Nguyen is the “Dream Catcher” of SuperNatural. He’s always dreaming of the next delicious off the wall concoction to be the next in the line of SuperNatural creations. With dreamy ideas like a Kobe short rib and lobster slider, there will be no shortages of surprises and creativity to come to the SuperNatural menu in 2013. Also known as somewhat of a Chef groupie, probably developed that stalker trait early on while working at supply chain heavyweights, US Foods & Sysco Foods and walking into numerous restaurants on unsuspecting chefs.  Tony has a background in the food industry well over 15 plus years so who knows how long that fan boy list of his is.


Chris Perzichino

Chris Perzichino is an all around good guy and our “glue” guy. Chris does a little bit of this and a lot of that to keep the wheels of SuperNatural’s butter churning. Chris has a B.S., umm we mean a B.A. degree in accounting from SDSU, go Aztecs! Past work history is pouring heavy drinks to thirsty patrons. Our future “Shaman” will be the person responsible for pairing our SuperNatural Experience with craft beers from our fine local breweries. Chris is married, but has a huge man-crush on Tom Brady. But hey, then again who doesn’t? Even though Chris is from Boston and a huge Patriots fan, we here at SuperNatural tolerate and don’t hold that against him…for now.


Anthony Tran

Anthony Tran likes to be known as the “Shrimp Daddy”, have you seen the way this guy cleans up the shrimp cocktails at the “all you can eat” buffets before? His education includes a minor degree is something or another at U.N.L.V, no not the University of Las Vegas but rather the University of Northern Linda Vista also known as Mesa community college. Anthony has no real life skills; no culinary skills whatsoever unless you count watching countless hours of food channel as cooking and still live with his mommy. Not sure why we keep him around, maybe for the fact that he said he once saw Bigfoot and has the pictures to prove it. Hey buddy we’re still waiting for those pics.